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A goose engrossed in Eliot, a raven in a quiver over Forster, a crane and heron discussing Woolf and Mansfield. Belonging everywhere and nowhere, momentarily alighting in a garden in Bloomsbury. Watch this migratory menagerie take flight in our open air promenade performance and join them patterning they way to Senate House for a choral celebration of those that follow the wind.

A brand new collaboration between Facing North Theatre and Company Gabrielle Moleta, this promenade performance explores themes of human migration through the lens of birds and the migratory structure of the birds life cycle. The audience are invited to bear witness to transformative moments of the animal into human and the challenges of adapting to place, habits and identity.  What situations are revealed? Who are these figures caught in transitory moments? What do we learn about the human condition?

Performances to date:

Bloomsbury Festival 2022 - Performed at Malet Street Gardens (The Sunken Garden), London 2022

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