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A collaborative ensemble formed of RADA MA Theatre Lab graduates; Jack Parris, Lane Paul Stewart & Kristin Winters

The Cinnamon Shop

Initially created as a site-specific commission by The Coronet Theatre, London, performed in an empty shop front on London's Portobello Road. Inspired by the short stories of Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shop shines a light on the collection of memories, how these memories are explored and re-experienced by an individual, and how the quality and vibrance of them is subject to degeneration, distortion and change over time. Drawing reference from neurological conditions such as dementia, where the recall experience and retention of memories is challenged and ultimately destroyed, the piece explores our relationship to the memories that define us using a combination of physical performance, music and text.

Performances to date:

The Coronet Theatre: Outside In Festival - Portobello Road, London 2021

The Brighton Fringe Festival - Streamed online video presentation 2021

Bloomsbury Festival - Live performance at RADA Studios, London 2021

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